Lawgitimate – Zombie Debt

Lawgitimate Zombie Debt hosted by Mike and Rochelle Poulton on Phoenix Business RadioX was a lively conversation about the debts that haunt your past and future.

Lawgitimate Zombie Debt

Lawgitimate covered old judgments and second mortgages – we discussed everything including how these debts come to be and how they are allowed to legally linger. We also discussed options for resolution so you can finally put your mind at ease.

Zombie Debt – chases you into the future and gnaws at your mind. Learn more about what it is and how you can put Zombie Debt to rest once and for all. This episode also discussed Timeshare Relief, what lawyers do, why business coaches are helpful, and upcoming Halloween trends.

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About Your Lawgitimate Hosts

LAWGITIMATE-Rochelle-Poulton-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXRochelle Poulton is an attorney and owner of X Firm LLC. Rochelle has been helping people with Credit and Debt issues since 2012, owns several small businesses, and has nearly 20 years of real estate experience.

Rochelle created Lawgitimate to bring in a network of awesome people to raise awareness and educate people about the litany of legal issues she faces every day at X Firm LLC.

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LAWGITIMATE-Mike-Poulton-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXMike Poulton, with Poulton & Noroian,  draws on his knowledge and experience in other fields to serve his clients. As an experienced science researcher, Mike understands technical issues that many other attorneys cannot, and applies that knowledge for his clients’ benefit. His construction management experience also provides him with a broad knowledge base not only in construction law, but also in regulatory compliance, worker safety, and negotiation.

Michael is licensed to practice law in Arizona and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Federal District Courts in Arizona.

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