Lawgitimate – Buying & Refinancing Arizona Real Estate

Lawgitimate hosted by Mike & Rochelle Poulton with special guest, Juli J Doyle with Fairway Independent Mortgage. This week’s episode “Buying and Refinancing Arizona Real Estate covered a lot of topics.

  • Travel Insurance – might not cover coronavirus related cancellations
  • The judicial fail in the Beruit Explosion
  • Google Adwords are expensive, constant vigilance required
  • Yay for Space X Dragon
  • Buying & Refinancing Arizona Real Estate
    • The market is hot, interest rates are low, and real estate is great
    • The Buying Process, and how to succeed
    • The Refi Process and how to close
    • Divorce & Deeds of Trust – how to get former spouses off the loan
    • Banks, Brokers, and Mortgage Lenders
    • Why mortgage planners can help make good decisions

This episode explores the differences in buying and refinancing real estate. Our Lawgitimate guest Juli J Doyle discussed the hot Arizona real estate market and to expect when buying, refinancing, or deciding which is better for you. If you have questions, we have answers. Email us at


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