Lawgitimate – Over 60? Traditional v. Reverse Mortgages

Over 60? Traditional v. Reverse Mortgages

Lawgitimate with Mike & Rochelle Poulton
Special Guest: Jim Hostler, High Tech Lending

Reverse Mortgages

This episode explores mortgage options for people over 60 – should you refi or consider a reverse mortgage? We discussed the changes in the law that turned a reverse mortgage from a racket into an awesome financial planning tool and several scenarios discussing when a reverse mortgage is better than refinancing. If you have questions, we have answers. Email us at
We also covered a lot of topics.
  • Beware the Coronavirus Face Mask Exemption Card 
  • Identity theft and how to resolve it
  • Business Lending and business credit (check out
  • Masks – can you be forced to wear one? Yep.
  • Traditional v. Reverse Mortgages
    • Types of Mortgage Loans – ARM v. Fixed v. Negative Amortization
    • Who qualifies for a Reverse Mortgage?
    • All the perks of a Reverse Mortgage
    • Yes, you still own and can keep your house
    • Over 62? Consider a Reverse Mortgage
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Rochelle Poulton is an attorney and Managing Partner at X FIRM.
Mike Poulton is also an attorney and Managing Partner at Poulton & Noroian, a law firm that handles business formation, litigation, and disputes, estates, primarily for farms, real estate matters, and medical malpractice.

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