How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

how to dispute credit card charge

Credit Cards are convenient to use, widely accepted, and mistakes related to credit card charges do happen. Charges that are made in error, or fraudulently, or need to be reversed because the consumer didn’t receive the benefit of the bargain are common. Every credit card company has a process to dispute charges. To successfully dispute a credit card charge, give them a call as soon as you realize there is an issue. Before the call, gather proof you are not responsible. Also, be nice as you explain what happened and the outcome you want.

Timing is important. Whether the credit card charge or transaction happened an hour ago, a month ago, or a year ago, you can dispute it. However, the sooner you dispute the charge, the better.

The key to successfully disputing credit card charges is proof. You will need to prove the error, fraud, failed delivery, or whatever issue is the basis for your dispute. Emails, text messages, contacts, and letters you have sent or received are great evidence. Phone calls and verbal conversations are more difficult and sometimes impossible to prove, so confirm your conversation with a quick email, text message, or letter. The more proof you have the easier it is for the credit card company to process your claim.

Be nice because customer service teams deal with upset people all day. If you are nice, they are more willing to help you navigate the process. You are asking for a favor; you are asking them to relieve you of liability for charges. The credit card company doesn’t know you shouldn’t have to pay the debt – you need to explain to them what happened and why you are not responsible. When the charges are fraudulent it is pretty straight forward. But when it is ongoing identity theft or one-time transaction problems due to canceled service, failed delivery, or contract disputes it takes a bit more effort to get the result you want.

If you still have problems after all this; don’t get angry, get a lawyer.

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